Serve amazing shakes in your gym.

No prep, noise, or mess.

Improve membership experience.

$2.99 each, and customizable

More money with no work or hassle.

We do your dishes.

Organic smoothies at the push of a button

Make organic smoothies and
protein shakes at the gym.
At the push of a button.

100+ Smoothie parties thrown!
The ultimate gym member happiness experience.
Ultimate Employee Happiness
Refreshingly simple
It’s like a Keurig machine, but for smoothies. Organic smoothies & protein shakes blended in 40 seconds.
Fresh, organic & raw smoothies.
Post Workout Nutrition
We deliver each pod to you, prepacked. You leave us the empties, we clean em and bring em back. Mother’s earth’s cool with it too.
No prep, no clean up.
No prep, no clean up, no hassle
Farm sourced, nutritionist approved, engineered for recovery.
10g protein & no sugar added.
Get a free smoothie party
It’s proven that you should consume carbohydrates and protein within the first 30 minutes after workout. We help you do that. We only provide you with fresh, organic, and non-GMO ingredients - flash frozen at peak nutrition.
Superfood smoothies packed with fresh, organic, and non-GMO ingredients — flash frozen at peak nutrition.
How it works
1. Set Up.
We set you up with all the hardware you need - with no cost to you. Including a POS, a small freezer, and our noise cancelling shield
2. Deliver.
We monitor your stock so you’re never underserved. We take away the empties.
3. Enjoy!
We make payment collection easy. You’re members enjoy freshly blended smoothies & protein shakes in under a minute. Man
Free smoothie party

“Sometimes I come to the gym only for the Origin smoothie."

- Sarah C.

"Origin’s made getting my micro’s easy. I have a crazy healthy smoothie right after my workout EVERY time. It’s too easy."

- Christie W.

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