Custom flavors with no prep, noise, or mess.

No prep, noise, or mess.

$2.99 each. Subsidize any amount for employees.

$2.99 each, and customizable

We do your dishes.

We do your dishes.

Organic smoothies at the push of a button

Make organic smoothies at the office.
At the push of a button.

100+ Smoothie parties thrown!
The ultimate employee happiness experience.
Ultimate Employee Happiness
Refreshingly simple
Fresh, organic & raw smoothies at the touch of the button, blended in 60 seconds.
Fresh, organic & raw smoothies.
No prep & No clean up
Each blender pod is discarded to be picked up and cleaned
No prep, no clean up.
Each smoothie has 10g protein and no sugar added keeping you productive and full.
10g protein & no sugar added.
Get a free smoothie party
As a trusted source of superfood smoothies, we only provide you with fresh, organic, and non-GMO ingredients — flash frozen at peak nutrition.
Superfood smoothies packed with fresh, organic, and non-GMO ingredients — flash frozen at peak nutrition.
How it works
1. Delivered to your office.
Every week superfood smoothie pods are delivered to your kitchen office freezer. Ready to blend anytime.
2. Collect payment easily.
Offices choose their subsidy level and employees only pay their portion. Check out takes seconds.
3. Make it fresh in seconds!
Simply take out your smoothie from the freezer + blend. No prep, no mess.
Free smoothie party

If I could give Origin 10 stars I would!  Origin delivered the BEST smoothies I have had in years! I highly recommend Origin It is the best product of 2016.

- Sarah C.

SuperFood Smoothies at the office?! YES, PLEASE! Thanks, Origin!

- Christie W.

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